As Lex Software Solutions, we started operation in 2016, in Namık Kemal University Technology Development Center. Our aim is to replace the ancient and obsolete paper-based and hybrid recording processes with modern LIMS, ELN and LES systems in a compliant manner and let the pharmaceutical sector to work swifter, less error-prone, more efficient and produce more quality work and products.

In our projects, we benefit from the highest amount of governmental support and sponsorship which allows us to produce the best software at the lowest cost.

We always follow the up-to-date trends in pharmaceutical sector and get trained by the best in the sector. After a series of trainings, we are granted a “Quality Control Manager” certificate which proves our competence in pharmaceutical quality topic.

Now, we put our vast experience in pharmaceutical quality and compliance to your use, coded into a software system and awaiting your appreciation!

User Friendly Software

We always strive to design software that is easy to implement and convenient for the end-user. Our primary provisions include the GAMP guidance and UML principles.

Solutions for Your Problems

We listen to your problems, think together with you and produce software solutions and implementations.


We are as close as a phone call and always with you in your implementation processes.