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What do we do?

Manage Laboratory Management

In this journey we embarked on with Pharmactive İlaç, there is no need for a notebook, logbook, worksheet or Excel anymore in the quality control laboratory. Our quest for the better continues!


Deva Microbiology Laboratories Management Systems

We have completed the installation, testing and validation processes of the MICRON Microbiology Management System in all Deva Pharmaceuticals facilities. 


Full Duty Employee: RPA

In the Deva MICRON project, we used RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to read a large number of sampling points from tables within Word files and convert them to database transfer scripts. We accomplished the task in hours, that would normally take weeks with manual operation.

Protez El

Sanofi Pharmaceuticals MEMLAB Microbiology Management System is in Action

MEMLAB Microbiology Environment and Water Systems monitoring software, which we specially developed for Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, is ready to use together with all test and validation documents. Turnkey delivery, in exact accordance with company policies, working systems and GMP.

Image by CDC

Manage OCR System Revision

With this revision, you can now extract data from your documents, such as analysis reports, directly to Manage analysis records by reading result tables or reading directly from the computer display. In particular, you can transfer your results to Manage much more conveniently and quickly from CDS systems such as Empower.


Our LabCloud System is Ready!

LabCloud, our project, stock and document oriented laboratory management and data recording system, which we specially target R&D laboratories, is now ready for operation!


Deva Pharmaceuticals R&D Calculation Tools

Thanks to the special data evaluation tools, EMD Calculator Tool and Bootstrapped F2 Calculator that we have prepared for Deva Pharmaceuticals R&D Laboratory, specialized calculations requested by the authorities are no longer a problem. 

Matematik Defter ve Hesap Makinesi

Sanofi Pharmaceuticals Microbiological Trend Analysis Tool

MB Trend Analysis Tool, where the results of microbiological analysis are imported from the Sanofi LIMS system, analyzed, transformed into visual evaluations and translated into actions, is delivered and will reveal the hidden meanings in the data.

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