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LabCloud Laboratory Management System

LabCloud is a simple yet effective project and resource management based and cost effective laboratory management solution. It is suitable for project-based R&D laboratories or laboratories that focus on project and resource management.

Main Features

LabCloud includes many features such as stock tracking, project work, job/task management, material/device usage records, calibration and expiration date tracking, document management, worksheet usage.

Task Records

Worksheets in the form of documents or spreadsheets can be created and used in LabCloud, in all kinds of record entry. These documents can be stored in the database and access can be restricted with authorization.

Inventory Management

You can easily track the inventory and usage records of the materials or devices you use in your projects, see your current stock status, and generate usage record reports via LabCloud.

Report/Chart Designers

By using the data in LabCloud, you can easily create your own report or chart formats with LabCloud's own report or chart design tools.

GMP Compliance

LabCloud fully complies with Annex 11 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant operation, meets the relevant requirements. 

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