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Manage Laboratory Management System

Manage is a record keeping and laboratory management system specially produced for quality control laboratories in pharmaceutical industry. It ensures that all processes carried out in the laboratory are integrated with each other, both efficiently and in compliance with GMP, through a single program. 


Manage Laboratory Management System fully overlaps with your processes, provides a wide range of usage scenarios from analysis recording to stock tracking, from stability tracking to GMP compliant Excel usage, collecting and recording data from laboratory devices and reports, and has all the requirements for a fully paperless working environment.

Analysis Recording

It creates an analysis-specific record entry page with pre-defined and highly structured analytical methods, no notebook or worksheet is required.

Stock Tracking

It performs up-to-date inventory tracking, order timing and efficiency analyzes from the information entered in the analysis records, and presents the usage records ready to you in a defined logbook format.

Data collecting

It can collect and save data from laboratory devices such as balances or CDS reports, and automatically generates evaluations such as analysis reports, analysis certificates or stability charts. It supports integration with other applications.

GMP Compliance

Manage fully complies with Annex 11 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant operation, meets the relevant requirements. 

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