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LabSheets - Excel Alternative for GMP Compliant Environments

With LabSheets, you can carry out the work you do with Excel in your laboratory in a GMP-compliant and efficient manner. LabSheets allows you to work in a database managed by your IT department at your company site instead of Excel files managed uncontrollably on computers.

What Can You Do?

You can work in GMP compliance by creating new spreadsheet files or opening your existing Excel files with LabSheets. You can arrange which users will have access to which files with the roles you define. You can add cell-based audit trail feature to your files and store them in your company database.

Editing Worksheets

You can keep the records you keep in the laboratory in LabSheets in a GMP compliant manner. You can give access to the worksheets to authorized personnel, and the records to be derived from these sheets to other employees.

Formulas and Calculations

You can store your complex tables and charts in LabSheets.

Database Usage

Instead of uncontrolled files on computers, you can use controlled and periodically backed up databases.

GMP Compliance Features

You can flexibly organize access to records with authorization and role definitions, and set a password management policy suitable for your working system. In addition, LabSheets automatically maintains a cell-based audit trail on all files in addition to the system audit trail.

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