You work in pharmaceutical sector and have to operate in compliance. However, it is quite a challange to be compliant and efficient at the same time in a regulated environment.

You are right!

If you seek an effective solution that both provides your laboratory with regulatory compliance without compromising your work efficiency…

Seek no more! Because with our coolest and modern LIMS solution  Manage!, not only we streamline your complex laboratory processes, we save you time and money!

What do We Offer?

As Lex Software Solutions, we do not solely offer you the most efficient software to streamline your processes. We are aware that working in compliance is a corporate culture. We work together with you to adapt this culture to your processes and employees.

For sure, up to now, you have used many different software from many different vendors. But this time, you found the one that is designed with only your processes in mind, not an ordinary adaptation from other software (e.g. like ERP software). We are fully aware that a computer software alone is a gear in the machine, where the machine is “Compliant Software Systems” and “Corporate Compliance Culture”. Together with being compliant and efficient, our software is also “user-compliant” and easy to implement.

We are at war with paper and spreadsheet based operations!  Paper based and hybrid records are barely approved by the authorities and is seen as an indicator of inefficiency.

We strive hard to remove paper-based and hybrid recordings from pharmaceutical labs.

It is really a waste of time and money to manually try to capture data, while it can be done automatically.

Apart from other software vendors:

  • We do not  sell you software, we implement “Compliant Computerized Systems”.
  • With our pharmaceutical lab and software experience, we know and understand your requirements and provide precise solutions on your problems. Our software is designed with only pharmaceutical processes in mind.
  • We speak the same language as you, in terms of lab processes and compliance.
  • Instead of vendor-customer realtionships, we prefer mutual cooperation, all the experience gained in this cooperation is then coded into our software.
  • Last but not least, we offer all these benefits for only a fraction of global competitors’ software.
  • Compliant Operation 100% 100%
  • Workforce/Money Savings 50% 50%
  • Error Reduction In Operations 80% 80%



We Listen to You!

Initially, we listen to all your requirements and provide our solutions to you. If our solution does not cover all your requirements, we add extra functionality to our software to cover them all.

We Implement Your Software!

We install and implement the software to your premises and work together with you in the test and pilot implementation stage. During the test phase, we resolve any problems immediately in the implementation stage.

After the Implementation

Your software is installed and ready to use! If you wish to keep working with us, you can buy any additional licences or services that just fits your needs. If you choose to continue working with us:

  • After going live, we expand your usage to cover all your laboratories or your different sites.
  • We transfer your records or data from other systems to your new system.
  • We offer training for your admins and routine lab users.
  • We validate your computerized system in the light of current GAMP guidance.
  • We provide consultancy services if you require.



Wait No More, Contact Us!

For additional information please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss with you any time and exchange ideas!